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. what will the u.s. do in those countries, if anything? plus, does the united states have a responsibility to intervene in the humanitarian crisis that was this woman trashing a liquor store when she did not receive prompt attention from a clerk? we'll discuss. first, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. >>> american military officials are claiming initial success in isolating moammar gadhafi's regime, after a weekend of punishing allied air attacks in libya. according tocy officials, coalition strikes have crippled gadhafi's air defenses and a no fly zone is in place over the country. although gadhafi himself is not a target of what is being called operation odyssey dawn, at least not now. one of the strikes caused extensive damage to the libyan leader's compound in tripoli last night. at this hour, gadhafi's whereabouts remain unknown, but he has vowed to fight a quote long, drawn-out war with western forces. >>> meanwhile, the pentagon says there is so far no evidence that civilians in libya have been harmed in the conflict, although it w
warned against. amid the ongoing violence, obama said he approved the u.s. of military aircraft to help migrant workers and other refugees return to their native countries. >>> the white house is proposing to trim $6.5 billion from the federal budget, though congress reached a deal this week to keep the government running for two more weeks, another deadline is looming in mid-march. yesterday joe biden carried the offer to capitol hill where he met for about an hour with top republican and democratic leaders. the proposal falls short of the more than $60 billions that the house voted on last month to slash from funding levellers, however the offer is characterized as an opening bid. house speaker john boehner telling the "wall street journal" he is determined to offer a budget that curbs social security and medicare despite the political risks. according to the congressional newspaper "the hill" boehner assured president obama he will not attack the administration if he makes a proposal to reform entitlement spending. still the president has reportedly not taken boehner up on the deal y
of the country. in addition, the state department is warning all u.s. citizens to consider leaving japan. the unpredictable weather conditions risks spreading radioactive material. that move comes as japanese crews and military helicopters brave radiation to dump sea water on to the stricken fukushima complex. the tactics are an attempt to cool overheated radium fuel that may be on the verge of spewing out more radiation. meanwhile, plant operators say they're racing to finish a new power line that could restore cooling systems and ease the crisis. still, the top u.s. nuclear regulatory official is warning american citizens within 50 miles of the complex to leave the area or at least remain indoors. testifying on capitol hill yesterday that the situation is "very serious." >> we believe that there is no water in the spent fuel pool known as number four. i would say that it is my great hope that the information that we have is not accurate. i would hope for the sake of everyone that the situation is not at the state that we think it is. >> while elevated radiation has been detected outsid
administration officials are trying to reassure americans that u.s. nuclear facilities are safe. at the white house yesterday, press secretary jay carney and the chairman of the nuclear regulatory commission also insisted there was a "very low likelihood, to use their language, that any potential fallout from japan would ever reach u.s. soil. meanti meantime, president obama promised to continue providing japan any assistance it can as that country recovers from this disaster. take a listen. >> this is an international tragedy. and although japan is a highly advanced economy and technologically equipped to rebuild at this moment of crisis, it's important that all of us join together and n providing any help and assistance that we can in the days and months to come. >>> on capitol hill, tennessee republican lamar alexander said the u.s. should not abandon the use of nuclear power in the wake of japan's tragedy. >> it's important that we be clear about the risks that each type of energy poses. but it is also important to remember that we don't abandon highway systems because bridges and overpas
gates on a visit to afghanistan where he declared the u.s. military will have a presence beyond the loose 205 deadline. >>> the wedding photo gone terribly, terribly, terribly wrong. >> oh, no way. we'll have the story and play the video on the loop. first, let's get to the news at 30 rock in new york city. there are new fears that libya is headed toward a full blown civil war. troops loyal to moammar gadhafi have launched an offensive as they look tory gain towns currently held by the opposition. over the weekend, rebels lost ground in their march toward tripoli after being driven back from a key battleground city. meanwhile, a french television network reports gadhafi is claiming the african union is sending a fact finding committee to libya that will show reports are a lie. ban ki-moon says gadhafi's foreign minister is allowing an assessment team to tripoli. the international community is struggling whether to impose a no-fly zone to prevent gadhafi from bombing his own people. yesterday senator joon kerry argued in favor of it. >> the last thing we want to think about is an
experts, the nuclear radiation will not reach u.s. soil. potassium iodine supplements selling out in a lot of stores across the country. those pills can protect the thyroid gland if they're taken before or shortly after a person is exposed to radiation. they don't protect the other body parts or prevent damage from other radioactive substances. president obama weighed in yesterday ensuring americans that even those as far west as hawaii are out of the danger zone. >> there are dangers for radiation release that could affect the immediate vicinity of the nuclear plants and potentially could drift over other parts of japan. but i've been assured that any nuclear release dissipates by the time it gets to hawaii much less to the mainland of the united states. >> that's the president of the united states. he also said the situation in japan provides an opportunity for the u.s. to re-evaluate its own nuclear security procedures. take a listen. >> one of the things it reminds us of is that the safety and constant monitoring and oversight that we provide for our nuclear facilities here in the unit
are troubled that u.s. military resources were committed to war without clearly defining for the american people the congress and our troops what the mission in libya is and what america's role is in achieving that mission. political bloggers accusing newt gingrich of flip-flopping after saying the u.s. should establish a no-fly zone over libya. >> what would do you? >> exercise a no-fly zone this evening. communicate that gadhafi was gone and the sooner they switch side the more likely they would be to survive. this is a moment to get rid of him. do it. get it over with. the united states doesn't need anybody's permission. >> that was on march 7th. yesterday the former house speaker appeared to think otherwise during an interview on the "today" show. >> do you think moammar gadhafi has to go as a result of this military intervention? >> i think that now -- let me draw a distinction. i would not have intervened. i think there were a lot of other ways to effect gadhafi. i think there are a lot of allies in the region we could have worked with. i would not are used american and european for
commander, the u.s. is scaling back its role in the conflict with an overwhelming share in yesterday's mission flown by pilots in yesterday's country in the international effort. the no-fly zone will be expanded toward tripoli paving the way for the united states to hand off command of the mission to the european allies. it's stopped gadhafi on benghazi. operation odyssey gone to prevent attacks on civilians is a tougher challenge. the killing continues. the white house may face growing pressure to expand by arming opposition fighters. here now, nbc news is with us live in tripoli with the latest on the ground. hello, jim. >> reporter: good morning, willie. i could use that extra hour of sleep. there were air strikes in and around tripoli last night. we heard at least three explosions. felt like shorter and more responses from the antiaircraft weapons. it may be because the skies last night were quite clear. it could have made government forces more nervous. libyan government source told us at least ten people were killed by the waves that came in three. the target was the tripoli na
the u.s. will play the on going mission in libya. the president will give the address at national defense university. he's expected to assure americans that he can deliver on his vow that the u.s. will be a partner in the action and not in the driver's seat. head of the speech, secretary of state hillary clinton and defense secretary robert gates made the rounds on the sunday talk shows speaking on "meet the press", secretary gates may have added to the confusion about the libyan objective saying u.s. involvement in the country is not a national interest to the united states. >> secretary gates, is libya in our vital interest as a country? >> no. i don't think it's vital interest for the united states. but we clearly have interests there. and it's a part of the region which is a vital interest for the united states. >> i think a lot of people hear that and say that is striking. not in our vital interest yet we're committing military resources. >> then it wouldn't be fair to what bob said. did libya attack us? no. they did not attack us. but they were doing and gadhafi's history an
's operator says radiation levels are fortunately still within the legal limits. >>> meanwhile, the u.s. now says it's moved its ships and aircraft away from one of the quake-stricken plants, after discovering some low-level radioactive contamination. the new york city "times" is reporting that the "uss ronald reagan" passed through a radioactive cloud causing the crew to receive a month's worth of radiation in just an hour. kristen dahlgren there with more. that country still dealing with some significant aftershocks. can you give us a sense, 6.2 overnight for us, how is that affect the effort to try to find survivors? >> reporter: well we even felt that aftershock down here in tokyo. it's making it terribly difficult for the rescue workers trying to comb through all of the rubble they have to look through trying to find survivors. you can imagine the fear and panic among the people that went through this earlier and today herd the sirens sound again and had officials telling them to try to get to higher ground. there was a slight rise in the sea level, no wave did come ashore. but just she
obama has now made his case for american involvement in libya, saying repeatedly that the u.s. intervened to prevent the slaughter of civilians. speaking before an audience at the national defense university in washington last night, the president insisted that not taking action would have been "a betrayal of who we are as americans." >> if we waited one more day, benghazi, a city nearly the size of charlotte, could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world. it was not in our national interest to let that happen. i refused to let that happen. >> some of the headlines this morning, "we had to do it," was the message obama put out invoking u.s. duty in libya. "washington post," "u.s. had responsibility to act." the president did rule out targeting muammar gadhafi, warning that trying to oust him militarily would be a mistake, as costly, said the president, as the war in iraq. >> if we tried to overthrow gadhafi by force, our coalition would splinter. we would likely have to put u.s. troops on the ground to accomplish
is secure for gadhafi for now. here in the u.s., president obama appealing directly to gadhafi's inner circle to stop propping him up. >> i want to send a very clear message to those who are around colonel gadhafi. it is their choice to make how they operate moving forward and they will be held accountable for whatever violence continues to take place there. >> yesterday, president obama also authorized another $15 million in humanitarian aid to be sent to libya. meanwhile, britain and france say they're seeking author sooigs from the united nations for a no-fly zone over the country. however, any resolution is subject to the vote by the 15 members and russia and china rarely approve of such measures and of course as we've been telling you the united states still sitting on the fence about a no-fly zone, as well. >>> and yet another step back from the 2008 promise to close guantanamo bay, president obama says the administration will resume military trials for terrorist suspects detained at the prison. yesterday's move which lifts a two-year freeze on new trials comes after a month's lo
? no. are we -- do we have u.s. troops on the ground in libya? no. you can call it -- it's been a false argument that some media outlets have tried to engage that -- about the in a moment clayture here. it is the use of military force in concert with our allies. >> again, that presidential finding that president obama signed a couple weeks ago does authorize the cia to provide arms and support, although they've not yet provided the arms. >>> on capitol hill the chairman of the house select intelligence committee, congressman mike rogers, argued for not arming the rebels. >> we don't want to arm the rebels until we know who they are. we know what they're against, moammar gadhafi. we don't know who they're for or what they're for. we've had good experience in our history where things have gone wrong. it's very, very, very important that we take lots of thought, and we have to have lots better intelligence on who they are in total before we would even consider arming the rebels. >> rogers is one of many lawmakers briefed on libya by secretary of state hillary clinton, defense secretary rob
about our guys being shot down. >> secretary of state hillary clinton added the u.s. is "a long way away from imposing a no-fly zone over libya." senator john kerry, the chairman of the foreign relations committee, weighed in saying we cannot go halfway in making it t clear that gadhafi must go. >> a no-fly zone is not a long-term proposition, assuming the outcome is what all desire. and i believe we ought to be ready to implement it as necessary. >> according to a spokesman for the libyan human rights league, at least 6,000 people have died since the start of the libyan revolt two weeks ago. >>> german police are now investigating whether terrorism played a role in an attack outside the airport in frankfurt, germany, yesterday, that killed two american airmen and wounded a couple others. authorities say the suspected gunman, a 21-year-old airport worker from kosovo, will be brought before a judge today. the man was taken into custody shortly after the shooting which police say occurred after the suspect got into an argument with the airmen outside of their military bus. yesterday presid
. >>> as for u.s. efforts to isolate gadhafi's government, the senate has approved a resolution condemning the quote systemic violations of human rights in libya and the two u.s. ships that the pentagon ordered into the mediterranean sea have entered the suez canal, that according to egyptian officials. defense secretary robert gates is downplaying the possibility of american military intervention in libya, especially as it's fighting two other wars. >> all of the options beyond the humanitarian assistance, and evacuation, are complex. if we move additional assets what are the consequences of that? for afghanistan. for the persian gulf? and what other allies are prepared to work with us in some of these things? >> so gates takes a more cautious tone there. but secretary of state hillary clinton told congress yesterday that the u.s. must lead an international response to this crisis. >> we are taking no options off the table, so long as the libyan government continues to turn its guns on its own people. libya could become a peaceful democracy, or it could face protracted civil war, or it co
for wednesday, march 23rd. a lot to tell you, including fears about the safety of food coming out of japan as u.s. puts a halt on some imports. plus, look at the scene outside today. this is happening right for you. two days into spring and it's snowing across the northeast. we'll have the ugly forecast that spans not just from here but all the way across this country. >>> first let's get to the news at 30 rock in new york city. four days of allied strikes apparently battered moammar gadhafi's air force and largely destroyed his air defense systems. however, there's little evidence the attacks have stopped his forces from killing civilians or shifted the balance of power in favor of the rebels yet. yesterday's gadhafi's loyalists made advances on misrata, the last opposition-held city in gadhafi and ajdabiya. yesterday gadhafi appeared on television reportedly speaking from the same tripoli compound targeted by a coalition missile strike on sunday. remaining defiant, of course, saying we shall not surrender and fear passersby. we jeer at their missile. this assault is by a bunch of fashionists wh
, which cleared with the backing of the u.s., france and great britain, authorizes "all necessary measures to stop moammar gadhafi including strikes by sea and air." the vote was 10-0 with five abstentions, including russia and china, which credited the arab league's endorsement not to veto. yesterday american officials said they expect an attempt to ground gadhafi's air force could begin by sunday or monday. as we just reported, the airspace appears to be closed over libya now. this would involve jet fighters, bombers, surveillance aircraft. the white house yesterday, press secretary jay carney, urged patience in ousting gadhafi. >> we are talking about an event that is only weeks old. to sergeant that somehow the -- you know, anybody could snap their fingers and when a leader and a country takes action that international community condemns, you know that leader, if he or she decides that they're going to hunker down and stay in power and days left and they haven't left is some measure of the international community. that's silly standard to set. >> calling in to libyan television yesterd
by the situation in libya. susan rice, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., took part in those discussions and later reiterated the president's call for gadhafi to resign. >> now is the time for colonel gadhafi to step aside, to prevent further bloodshed. and to allow the libyan people to have a government that is responsive to their aspirations. when he can laugh in talking to american -- and international journalists, while he is slaughtering his own people, it only underscores how unfit he is to lead. and how disconnected he is from realty. >> and speaking in geneva, secretary of state hillary clinton said all options are still being considered. >> well, as we've said, a no-fly zones is -- a no-fly zone is an option we are actively considering. i discussed it today with allies and partners. and we will proceed with this act of consideration. when i said in my remarks that all options are on the table or another way of saying it, no option is off the table, that of course includes a no-fly zones. >> clinton -- a no-fly zone. >> clinton offered to extend the humanitarian cries -- suspend the humani
. barack obama offered -- would he have done that if he thought i had a background that the u.s. government had to worry about? >> ahead of today's hearings, 52% find it appropriate to focus house hearings just on u.s. muslims. king says h will not be silenced by political corrective. >>> in a conference call yesterday former house staffer newt gingrich is leading a bid. meanwhile gingrich is also taking steps to try to ease concerns about his personal life. you hear about this an awful lot from his critics. earlier this week he told the christian network that he sought god's forgiveness over an affair in the 1990s. >> there's no question that at times in my life, partially driven by how passionately i felt about this country, that i worked far too hard and that things happened in my life that were not appropriate, and what i can tell you is that when i did things that were wrong, i wasn't trapped in situation ethics because i knew things were wrong and i was doing them. i found that i felt compelled to seek god's forgiveness. not god's understanding but god's forgiveness. >> he has said re
the real intent is to seize the country's oil. back in the u.s., the white house says president obama and british prime minister david cameron agree now that gadhafi must step down as quickly as possible. both leaders now talking with nato allies about possible responses to the violence in libya, including a no-fly zone. that option is something secretary of state hillary clinton insists must come from the united nations and not just the united states. >> i think it's very important that this not be a u.s.-led effort, because this comes from the people of libya themselves. this doesn't come from the outside. we think it's important that the united nations make this decision, not the united states. and so far the united nations has not done that. >> president obama's top national security adviser is expected to meet later today at the white house with options for gadhafi to step down. >>> a new report by the united nations finds the number of civilian deaths in afghanistan surged by 15% last year to the highest annual toll since 2001. according to the u.n., the taliban and other insurg
equipment. some of their equipment dates back to world war ii. are you ruling out u.s. military hardware assistance? >> i'm not ruling it out. but i'm also not ruling it. in we're not taking anything off the table at this point. our primary military goal is to protect civilian populations and to set up the no-fly zone. our primary strategic goal is for gadhafi to step down so that the libyan people have an opportunity to live a decent life. >> not ruling it out but not ruling it in. obama also insisted that western air strikes until now have done a great deal to weaken gadhafi. >> our role is to provide support, intelligence, jamming capabilities, refueling capabilities, and so we have been able to spread the burdens of maintaining a no-fly zone and protecting civilian populations, and we can do that for quite some time. precisely because we built a strong coalition to make it happen. but gadhafi's been greatly weakened. he does not have control over most of libya at this point. so for us to continue to apply this pressure i think will allow us the space and the time to forge the kind of
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21